Not for the Faint of Heart by Lex Croucher (Signed & Personalised Pre-Order)

Not for the Faint of Heart by Lex Croucher (Signed & Personalised Pre-Order)

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Scheduled publication date - 15th August 2024

Signed and personalised by Lex Croucher

Rip-roaringly romantic, fast-paced and funny - discover the brand new Sapphic historical fantasy adventure from the author of Cafe Nero Award shortlisted and Books Are My Bag Reader's Award winner, Gwen and Art Are Not in Love

‘You aren’t merry,’ said Clem to her captor. ‘And you aren’t all men. So there’s been some marketing confusion somewhere along the line.’Mariel, a newly blooded captain of the Merry Men, is desperate to live up to the legacy of her grandfather, the legendary Robin Hood.

Clem, a backwoods assistant healer known for her new-fangled cures, just wants to help people. When Mariel's ramshackle band kidnap Clem as retribution for her guardian helping the Sheriff of Nottingham, all seems to be going (sort of) to plan … until Jack Hartley, Mariel’s father and Commander of the Merry Men, is captured in a deadly ambush. Determined to prove herself, Mariel sets out to get him back – with her annoyingly cheerful kidnappee in tow.

But the wood is at war. Many believe the Merry Men are no longer on the right side of history. Watching Clem tend the party’s wounds, Mariel begins to doubt the cause to which she has devoted her life.

As the two of them grow closer, one thing is clear. They must prepare to fight for their lives – and for the lives of everybody in the greenwood.

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Paperback / 352 pages