Now You See Me: Lesbian Life Stories edited by Jane Traies

Now You See Me: Lesbian Life Stories edited by Jane Traies

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Now You See Me is a collection of life stories from older lesbians across the UK, recorded by Jane Traies over nearly a decade.

The stories are told in the women's own words and vividly recreate a time when being a lesbian meant either hiding your true identity or paying the price for breaking society's rules. But there is plenty of joy here too: whether snogging to Dusty Springfield songs, or cruising women by bicycle. The personal is still political in this moving and inspiring book.

"Now You See Me is a pure delight from beginning to end! It tells the stories that we knew were always there, but we have seldom seen them in print, and we have never seen them told quite so beautifully or so honestly. Lesbian lives, lesbian loves… The care and respect that Jane Traies has for her contributors shines through in her insightful editing and the poignant commentary which she offers between the stories. This book is an absolute gem. A precious collection of personal, powerful, and heartfelt histories of previously undocumented lesbian lives." --­­Clare Summerskill

Paperback / 256 pages