One Last Song by Nathan Evans

One Last Song by Nathan Evans

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When a gentleman called Joan lands up in a care home, Jim doesn't know what's hit him-everything about his new neighbour is triggering. And Joan is a colourful, combustible cocktail-ticking. Battle begins.

May the best man win. But beneath antics and antique armour plating, what are both hiding? And maybe they just may be batting for the same team. An uproarious and uplifting romantic comedy about grey liberation.

'Touching. Heartwarming. Funny. Sad. Beautifully drawn characters I wanted to spend more time with. It was over too quickly for me. Joan and Jim, and their burgeoning relationship will stay with me for a long time. I loved it.’ --Jonathan Harvey

'A necessary love story, both profoundly moving and profoundly optimistic.' --Martin Sherman

‘A warm, joyful and ingenious tale of gay love from the UK’s Armistead Maupin' --Joelle Taylor

'A beautiful, smouldering, hilarious and sparkling testament to queer intimacy and the revolutionary potency of queer creative activism. Every page filled my heart with Pride.’ --Dan Glass

'Edgy, funny and moving. A heady mix that packs an emotional punch.’ --Paul McVeigh

‘Touching, powerful, punchy, funny and sweet. An absolute delight.’ --David Shannon

Paperback / 250 pages