Queerbook by Malcolm Mackenzie

Queerbook by Malcolm Mackenzie

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Queerness is everywhere and it always has been. But queer stories, culture and communities have been often hidden . . .

Just take Marie Antoinette - it's well-known that she lost her big-bewigged head and was mad on cake, but not that her alleged love for the Princesse de Lamballe made her a symbol of lesbian love for centuries. Yes, really

QUEERBOOK is an invitation to discover and celebrate queer joy, past and present.

It's a whistlestop tour of all the fun (and serious) queer stuff that the foghorn of straight culture drowns out, and that you deserve to know: heroes and histories, science and stories, art, spaces, music, film, TV, fashion - along with jargon-free breakdowns of terms from sexuality and gender identity, to code-switching, deadnaming, intersectionality, bi-erasure, straightwashing, and much, much more.

You don't need any specific interests to read QUEERBOOK - all you need is curiosity and a desire to learn more about what it means to be LGBTQ+. So, say no to the Straightrix and enter the technicolour world over the rainbow . . . Ready? Queer we go!

Paperback / 208 pages