Queering Psychotherapy edited by Jane C. Czyzselska

Queering Psychotherapy edited by Jane C. Czyzselska

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LGBTIQ+ people are more likely than cisgender and heterosexual individuals to suffer with mental health issues, yet often have poorer therapeutic outcomes. Mainstream Eurocentric psychotherapeutic theories, developed largely by heterosexual, cisgender and white theorists, tend to see LGBTIQ+ as a singular group through this "othered" lens. Despite the undeniable value offered by many of these theories, they and those who use them - queer therapists included - can often pathologize, marginalize, misunderstand and diminish the flourishing and diversity of queer experience.

In this volume, editor and psychotherapist Jane Chance Czyzselska speaks with practitioners and clients from diverse modalities and lived experiences, exploring and rethinking some of the unique challenges encountered in a world that continues to marginalize queer lives. The contributors to Queering Psychotherapy present key insights and practical advice in a dynamic conversational format, providing intimate access to therapists' personal and professional knowledge and reflections.

This book is an invaluable training in itself.

Paperback / 328 pages