Rules for Ghosting by Shelly Jay Shore (Pre-Order)

Rules for Ghosting by Shelly Jay Shore (Pre-Order)

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Scheduled publication date - 24th August 2024

'Part ghost story, part Jewish family epic, and part romance, RULES FOR GHOSTING is a meditation on life, death, and healing that is at turns bitingly funny and deeply moving' - Anita Kelly Rule 

#1: They can't speak. | Rule #2: They can't move. | Rule #3: They can't hurt you.

Ezra Friedman can see ghosts - which made growing up in a funeral home a complicated experience. Things might have been easier if his grandfather's ghost didn't spend so much time giving disapproving looks at every choice he makes, from his taste in boyfriends to his HRT-induced second puberty. It's no wonder that since he moved out he's stayed as far away from the family business as possible.

But when the floor of his dream job drops out from under him and his mother uses the family Passover seder to tell everyone that she's escaping both her funeral home admin duties and her marriage to run away with the rabbi's wife, Ezra finds himself back in the thick of it. Having agreed to help out, Ezra has to face not only his family but also his unfortunate crush on Jonathan, the handsome funeral home volunteer who just happens to also be his new neighbour . . . and the ghost related to Jonathan who is breaking every spectral rule Ezra knows. As Ezra tries to keep his family together and his heart from getting broken, he quickly realizes that there's more than one way to be haunted - and more than one way to become a ghost.

Paperback / 400 pages