Run Baby Run by Melissa Lenhardt

Run Baby Run by Melissa Lenhardt

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The road to happiness is full of surprises

Darcy Evans doesn't have the time or the patience for a road trip up with her estranged mother, Marja. She's busy running her website, getting married in a week, and trying to figure out how she feels about a bombshell confession of love, from her best friend - and her fiance's sister - Chloe. She does not need a secretive mother with no interest in explaining herself, and her dog who barks when Darcy swears - which is a lot! Marja had a very good reason for not telling Darcy why she cut off contact, and an even better reason for keeping it from her now.

She is keeping her safe. Until two flat tires in the middle of the night ends with FBI agents, a runaway dog, and Marja standing over the tow truck driver with a smoking gun. So now is the perfect time to reconnect and figure out the mystery of life and love...

Paperback / 352 pages