Sounds Like Fun by Bryan Moriarty

Sounds Like Fun by Bryan Moriarty

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A warm and bittersweet novel about love, loneliness, coffee and the pitfalls of an ill-advised selfie, perfect for fans of Monica Heisey, Catherine Newman, Nora Ephron and Katherine Heiny. 

Meet Eoin. Eoin is doing great.

He's 27, gainfully employed and in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend Rich. Okay, so his best friend Jax is diving into yet another disastrously bad relationship and Eoin's going to be the one dealing with the eventual fallout. And his boss at the cafe, Rebecca, seems to have vanished, so somehow Eoin's left managing the place.

And to be honest, he's not got much else going on. But still, he's got his boyfriend Rich - steady, sensible and dependable Rich. That is, until Eoin's world is turned upside down when Rich announces that he wants an open relationship.

Terrified of losing the man he loves, Eoin reluctantly agrees to this new arrangement, and stumbles into the world of dating with no strings attached. What could go wrong?

'Moriarty's uplifting debut has much in common with Ephron's classic novel Heartburn, covering as it does long-term love, casual sex and heartbreak.' IRISH INDEPENDENT

'Delightful . . . entertaining, often funny, but also makes you think about relationships, loneliness, and how to find out who you really are' IRISH EXAMINER

'A perfect literary romcom that is compelling and warm without missing out the vagaries of Grindr, drunken nights out and the loneliness of London.' KATE SAWYER

'So refreshing and compelling, I can't wait to buy copies for everyone I know. Hard recommend!' LUCY VINE

'Such a warm writer that every word glows on the page' HANNAH TOVEY'I loved spending time with this whole cast of characters . . . a witty, warm, contemporary read' NIAMH HARGAN

'An absolute delight of a book. You will totally fall in love with Eoin' OLIVIA BEIRNE

'Hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure' KIRSTY EYRE

'An absolute treat. I adored every minute.' HANNAH DOYLE

Paperback / 272 pages