stemmy things by imogen xtian Smith

stemmy things by imogen xtian Smith

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A kaleidoscopic debut collection of poems performing queer excess and lyric ecstasy.

This flirty collection traces unruly paths of becoming; its sprawling poems build towards an expansive world celebrating fluidity while casting a critical lens on state power, ecological precarity, and the yearning for queer utopia on stolen land. Referencing lineages of poets, musicians, workers and neighbors, as well as conversations between lovers and friends, stemmy things is a vision unraveling, breaking open to make space for glimmering while reckoning with the body's multiple contexts.

Layered, lush, and lavish, these poems offer up tangling, blossoming desire.

"In this resplendent debut, selfhood is fluid and ungovernable. [...] A lyric meditation on--and reckoning with--the author's experience as a trans person, this collection delivers a provocative and original study of queer embodiment, and a sensitive exploration of grief."--Publishers Weekly

Paperback / 144 pages