Stories of Autistic Joy by Laura Kate Dale

Stories of Autistic Joy by Laura Kate Dale

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'I love that I don't need to feel ashamed at my happiest, and that my joy no longer needs to go through a filter before it's ready to see the light of day'

Laura Kate Dale and 15 other autistic authors from around the globe, open the door and invite you in to explore and celebrate the candid, uplifting and intimate moments of autistic joy. More often than not autism is viewed through the lens of struggles and challenges - Stories of Autistic Joy is here to shift that narrative and turn the spotlight onto the unique joys that shape autistic people's lives. Joy comes in all shapes and sizes: loving relationships, fantasy writing, building soft forts, echolalia, peaceful solitude, Pokemon, stimming freely and unmasking for the first time.

So, step inside and explore the diverse and heart-warming stories from around the world and celebrate what makes experiencing autistic joy so special.

Paperback / 224 pages