The Flames of Albiyon by Jean Menzies

The Flames of Albiyon by Jean Menzies

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A century since the monarchy was overthrown the country of Albiyon has become a haven for its citizens, the young scholar Adairia included.

Raised within the Albiyan university's walls she has dedicated her life to the pursuit of knowledge. Preferring to hole up in the library than seek adventure elsewhere, she has grown accustomed to her comfortable routine... until the day everything changes. When she unwittingly awakens a sleeping dragon's egg, Adairia is thrust into unfamiliar territory.

Never having dreamed of dragons she is forced to seek out guidance from the exhilarating Isla, last direct descendent of the royal family and companion to a century's old dragon. Together they must navigate the surprises to come; for beyond the prospect of a new-born dragon Albiyon is about to face a dangerous conspiracy that threatens the peace of their realm.

Flames of Albiyon is a story of friendship, love, and acceptance that celebrates queer identity.

Paperback / 318 pages