The Love We Make by Harper Bliss

The Love We Make by Harper Bliss

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Best-selling sapphic romance author Harper Bliss brings you a heartfelt romance about overcoming differences, found family, and learning to see yourself through the eyes of the person you love.

Nora Levine has everything she dreams of: a leading role on a successful TV show and a quiet life with her best friends, away from the spotlight.

When the new production company CEO takes an unusually hands-on approach to her job, Nora's hackles go all the way up.

Mimi St James just wants the best for everyone: her large family, her colleagues and employees; even the aloof star of her company's hit show. And she'll go the extra mile to make all of them happy.

Nora can't help but warm to Mimi's kind nature-and what she first saw as meddling. Mimi soon discovers there's so much more to Nora-good and bad-than meets the eye.

Can these two complex, strong-willed women find their way to each other?

Paperback / 292 pages