The Woman in the Portrait by Juliet Jacques (Pre-Order)

The Woman in the Portrait by Juliet Jacques (Pre-Order)

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Scheduled publication date - 18th July 2024

In 1920's Berlin, the recovered diaries of transgender model Heike expose her as the mysterious muse and subject behind Christian Schad's best-known painting. After signing her Gender Recognition Certificate, a trans woman channels the offbeat glamour of a forgotten movie star at a Brighton gay bar. A well-known journalist finds herself under public scrutiny after taking a private BDSM game out onto the streets of Soho.

Transfixed by the psychic power of monuments, an artist crowdfunds to build a tribute to victims of austerity, only to find himself the subject of a political backlash. Taking us on a smart, funny, and deeply political ride through art, sex, and discovery, The Woman in the Portrait collects the short fiction of ground-breaking transgender writer Juliet Jacques. Showcasing both previously published and unpublished works, these stories offer an era-spanning tour through culture, politics, and community, presented with Jacques' trademark originality, insight, and humour.

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