Togetherness by Wo Chan

Togetherness by Wo Chan

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FINALIST for the 2023 Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature

A debut poetry collection in which non-binary poet and drag performer Wo Chan recounts stories from their queer childhood and adolescence. Togetherness sends out sparks from its electric surface, radiating energy and verve from within its deep and steady emotional core: stories of the poet's immigrant childhood spent in their family's Chinese restaurant, culminating in a deportation battle against the State.

These narrative threads weave together monologue, soaring lyric descants, and document, taking the positions of apostrophe, biography, and soulful plaint to stage a vibrant and daring performance in which drag is formalism and formalism is drag-at once campy and sincere, queer, tender, and winking.

Paperback / 80 pages