Virgil Kills by Ronaldo Wilson

Virgil Kills by Ronaldo Wilson

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Linked stories alighting from a U.S., Black and Filipino imaginary through a central character Virgil, and his accounts on race, sex, and desire.

Virgil kills forms, manifesting a set of poetic investigations-revealing black and brown life, memory, dreams, the sea, the sex-act, the line. Virgil travels in theaters and lots: Manhattan, Guam, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Berlin, Iloilo, Provincetown, Millington, San Francisco, Long Island, Western Mass.

Virgil moves against class, whiteness, on stages, at lecterns, in studios, and a luxury vehicle. Virgil records in the sensorium of cruising lovers, real love, family, T.V., characters-"Butch," "Stream," "Clean"-his precise unfurling.

"In Virgil Kills, Ronaldo Wilson leads us through a landscape of myths and dreams, desire and absurdity, with queer Black life always at its fierce center. This book shimmers with wit and brilliance."--Danzy Senna

Paperback / 232 pages