warm blooded things by Shaun Hill

warm blooded things by Shaun Hill

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Shaun Hill’s debut poetry collection, warm blooded things is a radical and intimate encounter with boyhood, sexuality, and violence, love, desire and solitude.

Wandering the nocturnal city streets, through random encounters, co-opting space and capturing conversations in a multitude of voices, this collection evokes alienation whilst longing for tenderness.

Hill’s agile poems are alive to fear, loss and danger. The poems also explore a uniquely queer archive of time and place, the legacy of AIDS, and draw strength from giving voice to unheard histories. Seeking sanctuary and alternatives to a capitalist reality, these precise poems gesture towards hope, survival and the necessity to be responsible for one another.

'Shaun Hill is one of my favourite performers, his poems charged with vulnerability and raw intimacy. Now warm blooded things offers us this same tender gift'– Liz Berry

Paperback / 72 pages