Writers Who Love Too Much: New Narrative Writing 1977-1997 edited by Dodie Bellamy, Kevin Killian

Writers Who Love Too Much: New Narrative Writing 1977-1997 edited by Dodie Bellamy, Kevin Killian

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At last a major anthology of New Narrative, the movement fueled by punk, pop, porn, French theory, and social struggle to change writing forever.

In the twenty years that followed America’s bicentennial, narrative writing was re-formed, reflecting new political and sexual realities. With the publication of this anthology, the New Narrative era bounds back to life, ripe with dramatic propulsion and infused with the twin strains of poetry and Continental theory.

Arranged chronologically, the reader will discover classic texts of New Narrative from Bob Gluck to Kathy Acker, and rare materials including period interviews, reviews, essays, and talks combined to form a new map of late twentieth-century creative rebellion.

Table of Contents:
i. Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy, Introduction
Robert Glück, "Sanchez and Day," from Elements
Kathy Acker, "The End," from Great Expectations
Edith A. Jenkins, "Against a Field Sinister"
Carla Harryman, "Animal Instincts"
David O. Steinberg, "Five Year Plan"
Michael Amnasan, "Joan," from I Can't Distinguish Opposites
Judy Grahn, interviewed by Steve Abbott and Dodie Bellamy
John Norton, "A Real Story"
Marsha Campbell, "Wearing a Tough Jacket"
Brad Gooch,"Satan"
Camille Roy, "Lynette #1," "BABY," and "Sex Life"
Sam D'Allesandro, "Jimmy," "Walking to the Ocean This Morning," Nothing Ever Just Disappears"
Bruce Boone, interviewed by Charles Bernstein
Dennis Cooper, "My Mark" from Safe
Kathe Burkhart, from The Double Standard
Roberto Bedoya, "Scene One," from Decoto
F.S. Rosa, "Post War"
Robert Glück, "The Sky Looked Bruised, and That's the Way the Air Felt, Achey"
Steve Abbott, "Notes on Boundaries/New Narrative"
Gabrielle Daniels, "Our Nig: Discovering A Black Woman's Novel" Dennis Cooper, "Square One"
Gary Indiana, "I Am Candy Jones"
Leslie Dick, "The Interpretation of Dreams"
Scott Watson, "Prince of the Damned"
Bruce Boone, "David's Charm"
Dodie Bellamy, "Incarnation"
Gail Scott, from Heroine
Richard Hawkins, "Bo-Hunk"
Kevin Killian, "Sex Writing and the New Narrative"
Matias Viegener, "Twilight of the Gods"
R. Zamora Linmark, from Rolling the R's
Ishmael Houston-Jones, "The End of Everything"
Rebecca Brown, "Junk Mail"
Nayland Blake, "The Secret Square"
Lynne Tillman, from Haunted Houses
Bruce Benderson, "Apollo's Curse," from User
Cecilia Dougherty, "Sue"
Dodie Bellamy, "Dear Gail"
Eileen Myles, "Chelsea Girls"
Gabrielle Daniels, "A City Girl Discovers the Forest"
Sarah Schulman, from Rat Bohemia
Kevin Killian, "Open letter to the Editors of Apex of the M"
Laurie Weeks, "Swallow"
Bob Flanagan, from The Book of Medicine
Lawrence Braithwaite, from Wigger
Chris Kraus, from I Love Dick


Paperback / 600 pages