Young Bloomsbury: A New Queer History by Nino Strachey

Young Bloomsbury: A New Queer History by Nino Strachey

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Controversial before the First World War, the Bloomsbury Group became notorious in the 1920s. New members joined their ranks, pushing at boundaries, flouting conventions, and spurring their seniors to new heights of creative activity.

Bloomsbury had always celebrated sexual equality and freedom in private, but this younger generation brought their transgressive lifestyles out into the open. Nino Strachey reveals a vivid history surprisingly relevant to our present day.

'One comes away slightly breathless with the sense of having left an excellent party full of wit and intrigue' TLS

'I wanted to climb inside this book and live there' PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE

'This witty, fascinating book is a delight. Read it' MIRIAM MARGOLYES

'Superb, sparky and reflective' The Spectator

'Gender fluidity? Pansexuality? Throuples? Chosen families? Cross-dressing? Kinks? Young Bloomsbury explores a place and time when queer life blossomed' Washington Post

Paperback / 352 pages